Shortlisted for the 2022 Crystal Cabin awards

Harmonising accessibility across air travel globally





Air4All offers the TOTAL solution delivered by the industry for the industry. It finally offers personal safety to the most vulnerable passengers, a conundrum that regulators and governments have (until now)  found it difficult to resolve.

Changing passenger demographics means that more people (Pro rata) are flying with reduced mobility. Thanks to medical science, part of this demographic is our elderly less mobile passengers, these are typically the most loyal of airline customers. It would be revenue suicide not to facilitate them to fly any more

Commercial aviation is the ONLY mode of transport that has no regulations to allow power wheelchair users to travel safely and with dignity seated in their own chair in an aircraft cabin, until now that is.

Airlines have been resistant to provide a wheelchair space as this would result in a loss of seat count, the Air4All system removes that anomaly.

Designing and certifying air travel for our older selves.

The aviation industry can now start in earnest the road towards  benefiting from a previously untapped global disability spend of around $13 Trillion.

This creates a roadmap for air travel, at the same time delivering a solution for people with unique seating requirements. This landmark invention offers full independence and safety, the passenger remaining in their own Wheelchair offers incredible access in air travel, never seen before.

Sir Stephen Hillier, Chair of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said:

We believe that everyone should have access to air travel, and we welcome the significant improvements in accessibility made by UK airlines and airports in recent years. In the last five years the number of assistance requests has doubled, with passengers with reduced mobility and hidden disabilities now feeling more confident to travel. As the industry looks to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are keen to see innovative proposals which might further enhance the passenger journey.”