There are many parts to the Air4All project. Whilst the aircraft space will unlock a huge door that has been until now closed, it will be nothing unless a Power Wheelchair is not certified to fly. Working with Sunrise Medical, together we can explore the challenges around ensuring a Power Wheelchair is fit to fly. Design and certification being the primary test.

“Improving people’s lives is part of our DNA. Since 1983, we’ve pioneered the era of the high-performance wheelchair, challenged conventions and led innovation.

Today, Sunrise Medical is one of the most globally well-known and recognisable industry leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of mobility products.”

Many decades ago, Power Wheelchairs were made safe to travel in vehicles, innovation advanced over the years since then and an adapted space to allow these chairs to be in the front and/or drive the vehicle, is now seen as commonplace.

Today sees a similar revolution with air travel front and centre, wheelchairs must be assessed as to their airworthiness. The challenge will be a Sisyphean task, but perfectly achievable with the right people managing the process, Sunrise offers those specialists that will work alongside an aviation team of experts – everyone joining the dots.

A question heard time and time again from the wheelchair using community is “why can I not fly in my own existing chair”. No one has ever really scrutinised the detail of what is required, Air4All and Sunrise will now do exactly  that. However please remember, unlike a vehicle an aircraft is a thin pressurised metal tube flying around the sky at 30,000 feet, at speeds in the region of 500mph with several hundred people inside. Safety for everyone must be the number one priority.

Air4All and Sunrise Medical want to create air travel safe, dignified, and comfortable.

Flying should be for everyone